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Strong Password Generator is a free tool to generate secure passwords from characters, letters, numbers, symbols, and special characters. Random password generator to create alphanumeric passwords for any kind of login or other uses.

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Secure Password Generator

The free password generator plus strength checker generates a 16 character password by default, but you can change the password length to generate an 8 character password or as many as 2048 characters. If you want to include words in your password, use the password generator words tool that generates passwords with random words from the dictionary. Secure password generator has options to include upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols so you can create a custom password for yourself. There is also the option to exclude similar and ambiguous characters. Use this unhackable password generator to generate a simple password or a list of passwords that meets all your requirements.

  • No internet connection is required to generate passwords.
  • Passwords are generated offline on your own device, computer, tablet, or phone.
  • Generated passwords will never be sent back to the server.
  • We will never know or store your password.
  • Your password is 100% safe & secure.

How to Create a Strong Password?

A very strong and complex password should have at least 16 characters and should have a combination of upper and lower case letters, Here are some tips on how to create a strong password.

  1. At least 16 characters - some people suggest that a good password should be at least 8 characters, but we think a 16 character password is much more secure.
  2. Contains at least 1 upper case letter - a strong password should contain at least 1 upper case letter, preferably a few more.
  3. Contains at least 1 lowercase letter - at least one lowercase letter is needed in a secure password.
  4. Contains at least 1 special symbol - special characters are highly recommended in a strong and secure password. You should consider adding a few more special characters for important accounts.
  5. Contains at least 1 number - in addition to all of the above, don't forget to include numbers in your password which makes it harder for hackers to steal your password.

You can use the strong password creator to create a passwords for any social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, X, TikTok, YouTube, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit, and LinkedIn.

Common Passwords to Avoid

Following is a list of common passwords to avoid as these kinds of passwords can be easily hacked by experienced hackers.

  1. Keyword sequences like "asdfg"
  2. Number passwords like "11111", "1234567", and so on
  3. Common alphanumeric passwords like "abcd12345", "aaa1111", "abcd888", and so on
  4. Names of your families, friends, or pets
  5. Names of sports or common hobbies
  6. Birthday, phone numbers, postcodes, house numbers, ID card numbers, and social security numbers

You should create a different password, security questions, and answers for multiple important accounts and websites. If a hacker gained access to one of the websites or your accounts, your other accounts would still be safe.

How to keep passwords safe?

There are many ways on how to keep passwords safe. Follow these guidelines to prevent your passwords from being stolen.

  1. Create a strong password - the first step in keeping your passwords safe is to create a strong password that you can remember. It will not be a password that anyone can easily guess or hack by a computer program. Use our strong password generator to generate a secure password, and check how strong your password is.
  2. Create unique passwords - stop reusing passwords for different accounts. Every account that you want to keep safe should have a unique password.
  3. Don't write down your password - if it's on paper, it could end up in the wrong hands.
  4. Don't store your password on the computer - don't save passwords in excel, word, or text files. These files are easily accessible if a hacker gains access to your computer.
  5. Do not send passwords via email - do not send your password through email or share it on social media.
  6. Avoid free WIFI - whether you are at a local Mcdonald's or the airport, avoid using free or public WIFI. Free wifi is not secure and a hacker might be able to gain access to your device.
  7. Use a password manager - it would be difficult to remember all the passwords that you have for different accounts. Consider using a password manager like Keeper that stores all your passwords. The only password that you will need to remember is the one that has access to the password manager. There are free password managers that you can download or use online.
  8. Use two-factor login - many companies now offer two-factor sign-ins, use this feature to get extra security to protect your accounts.
  9. Use a VPN - use VPN services like Express VPN or Nord VPN to hide your ip address for online safety and privacy. Read top Top VPNs for 2024 to learn all the benefits and the recommended 3 VPNs to use.

8 Character Password Generator

8 character password is usually a good starting point to create a strong password. The 8 character password generator helps users generate all types of passwords consisting of lowercase characters, uppercase characters, and numbers. Users can include special symbols in their passwords so that they are harder to crack by hackers. In a work environment, some IT departments have stricter requirements on how a password should be created. In case you need more customization to your password, you may use our advanced password generator. The advanced password generator has all the functionality of this simple password generator plus many other powerful features. It allows users to define custom characters to include and exclude in their passwords. Users have the option to define a starting and ending character and the ability to generate up to 1,000 passwords at once. Whether you are trying to generate a strong password for personal use or for work use, you are in the right place. Our password generator is being used by system administrators to generate secure passwords for their users, and webmasters that generate strong passwords to protect their websites and secure their WordPress blogs.

16 Character Password Generator

Using our 16 character password generator with special characters, you can easily generate a random password that is secure and strong. Of course, if you think a 16 digit password is overkill, you may change the password length to 8 characters or any other length. However, to keep your password secure, we recommend that you use at least 12 characters. On the other hand, if you think 16 characters are not strong enough, you can always increase the password length. Our secure password generator has options for you to put restrictions on what kind of characters or numbers a password should contain. Following are all the options you have. Password Length - The length of your password. The minimum length should be at least 12 characters for a password to be secure. Lowercase Characters - The option to include or exclude lowercase letters. Uppercase Characters - The option to include or exclude uppercase letters. Numbers - By checking this box, you want your password to include at least one number. Symbols - Do you want your password to be extra secure? Then include special symbols in your password. Exclude Similar Characters - If you want to easily differentiate from o from 0, you have the option to exclude these characters in your password. Exclude Ambiguous Characters - If you want to eliminate characters like '[]' from your password, check this checkbox.

Why do you need a strong password?

With the rise in cybersecurity crimes and hackers stealing personal and company data for financial gain, it is now more important than ever to protect ourselves from these crimes. Unauthorized access is one of the ways hackers gain access to our accounts and steal our data. There are many bad things that can be done when they gain control of our bank logins or other financial data. If hackers have access to our bank account, they could transfer the money away from us. They could also use the data and apply for credit cards under our names, and run up the bills by making purchases, and we end up paying the bill. Neither less to say, hackers are creative, and they come up with new ways to scam people every day. Therefore, it is important that we make our passwords strong and secure especially for accounts that have our financial data. Every day, tens of thousands of people fall into the trap of online scams, such as opening a file in their email, downloading a file that contains a virus, or visiting a malicious website that gains access to their financial data. With the data in hand, hackers can get unauthorized access and do major damage to our financial life. Creating a strong and secure password is the first step that we can take to protect ourselves. The second step is to train ourselves about common online scams and stay up to date about the latest scams or phishing strategies that hackers use to steal our data.

Password Generator FAQ

How does the password generator work?

- The complex password generator tool uses pseudo-random numbers, letters, and special characters to generate strong and secure passwords.

Do I have to download anything?

- No, you do not need to download anything to use the best password generator. The random password generator is a browser-based tool and is compatible with all the major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

Is an 8 character password strong enough?

- An 8 character password might be a good starting point, but we recommended that any strong password should have at least 16 characters. You can use our 8 character password generator to generate 8-digit passwords.

How to generate a strong password?

- To generate a strong password, it is recommended that the length of the password has a minimum of 16 characters. The password should consist of a mixture of lowercase characters, uppercase characters, numbers, and symbols. Never use obvious words or letters to create a password. Don't use addresses, names, birthdays, or social security numbers in your passwords. Avoid sequential numbers and letters like 123, or ABC.

Why do we need strong passwords?

- With the rise of the internet and mobile banking, there are hackers and identity thieves stealing user information for financial gains. It is now more important than ever to have strong passwords for your accounts.

Do you have an encrypted password generator?

- You can use our encrypted password generator to generate an encrypted password. You can also generate a secure password and then encrypt the password manually using our MD5 password generator.

Should I use the same password for everything?

- It is recommended that you have unique passwords for different accounts and devices. Using the same password for everything is a security flaw that may allow hackers to steal your credentials. The passwords that you use to access your bank accounts are especially important, you will want to keep those passwords unique and strong.

Do you store my generated password?

- No, we do not store any passwords. Once you leave the site, the password that you generated from our website is lost permanently.

Can you retrieve my password?

- No, since we do not store your password, there is no way for us to retrieve your password. If you are using the password that you generated from our site, you need to remember the password or use a password manager to manage your passwords.

Is the password generator secure and safe to use?

Our password generator is secure and safe to use as it uses client-side JavaScript to generate passwords using your web browser on a computer or mobile phone. This means the password generated never goes to our server and we have no way to know your password or to store it.

What's the difference between a server-side password generator & client-side password generator?

Passwords generated from the server side are less secure than on the client side because the server might send the generated password back to you over the network in an unencrypted format which is insecure. Our password generator uses client-side JavaScript code to generate passwords that are 100% safe and the generated password is never sent over the network.

How does the password generator create password offline?

Our password generator uses the client side scripting langugage JavaScript that allows you to generate a password offline within your web browser.

How to remember your password?

- With so many strong passwords for all the different accounts, how can I remember all of them? You can consider using a password manager that stores your passwords safely. The only password that you will need to remember is the one that accesses the password manager.

Is the password generator free?

- Yes, the password generator is completely free to use.

Can I generate multiple passwords at once? - Yes, with the multiple password generator, you can quickly generate up to 10,000 strong passwords at once.

Does the password generator work on a mobile phone?

- Yes, the password generator app works on any mobile device and computer as long as you have internet access.

Does the password generator work on iPhones & iPad?

- Yes, the random password generator works well with all iPhones and iPads.

Does the password generator work on Android devices?

- Yes, the password generator tool works for all Android phones and tablets.

Do you have a Password Generator APP?

- Yes, we have a password generator APP for Android and iPhone that you can install free of charge. Get the Password Generator App on an Android phone or iPhone.

How often should I change my password?

Most security experts recommend changing your password once every 3 to 6 months. Nowadays, the average person has more than 10 passwords for different accounts. It is a lot of work to change the passwords, but also a hassle to remember all the passwords. However, it is well worth the effort to change passwords once in a while. If you have a difficult time remembering your password, try using a password manager.

Why should you change your password frequently?

There are good reasons why security experts recommend that you change your password frequently because your password might get exposed due to data breaches. Even if you have done nothing wrong with your password, a company that you have purchased something from in the past may get hacked and have your password exposed on the internet. This is one of the reasons that you should not use the same password for all your accounts because if a hacker gains access to one of your accounts, he has access to everything.

Is it safe to share passwords in email?

It is not recommended that you share passwords with friends and families via email or through any of the social media platforms. When your password is out there on the internet, there is a chance that your account may get hacked.

Should I enable two-step verification on my accounts?

If any account that offers you a two-step verification such as Gmail, Facebook, or your bank, use it. A two-step verification adds extra protection on top of a secure password to protect your account. A two-step verification usually sends a unique security code to your email or phone, you can only log in to your account after you enter the security code. Anyone who tries to log into your account with your password will need to have a verification from your phone. A hacker will need to know your password and your phone to have access to your account.

Strong Password Examples

Below is a list of strong password examples that you can use as a guide on how to create strong password to secure your accounts. The strong password examples list is generated using our advanced password generator. JMq/5!hBG{YY2zEZ HHRG363ac6@Uw",E Ke(9KXCl9)54;c0p y-a;D(fdCo)!C=S5 qqzDnQ{9:{NpcR3| YKYf*o|mDrk;;AAF BrcV~X~6a-s)T::@ U%/tSm`"3xj~!2g. NaBS14$VNwrH&K!a YCXh5c2vk{aV9;o) xS/X|WfSZUi0!gDZ PMM8A3HA'32GZ*xa Ggn/hoX8ICgVVIF4 Wnz-uW8XoMog9)i: RC7c7fls/dommH,$ e0Krq%gXgNX0o5kn cLeG%-=&QAR'/_8_ igetKvbMnn8kT}hG MD4r5@??Fa'CQ5AH P,o/vb5$?`C"'{TV x-B`sy7pF%#B*'x) fsGOy3*:RJLrbFKu A?kGU(Xl(~mWb9yH u.b5yW5&j0yF\iG$ Nx*.L}0r3WYSW)uv eO|/u(|U-WoS{}P* R"4"2R%i=:LX"|p, i("TgY1ut"l?D=kF Oa#V/vxzhVTD~ck$ EW"S/f!BlLy-F(a& H8.5y%Z8K?jYX;i3 QC9p!q;pQAE|=0ii L)!_PB.6Q#8tmq{6 g,2QQt5$vBwn;n"# GicN#XRGkwdShRGy BXD*5q4y;;\Ne;"I FV@-;=}D={I45I0p a/6NZs"JHMcV%g2M Va)h&hEoUu0ZFT!# wwdVV?nF|)xg#kBg dNMMld7x`t2E,aXw K@LPnP{fjj`gB*a` xm:=@RUWz^mEt~%a zeS?t^%x}|B*e)tz C?LJX:Rb.m:r8IF# f38z~.U-RV9oJDUk fAiH)2Qv*6zUyem# t%YZ*s{%f52KNfUd mpA3=F;CeO)S:T#w YnIkEGrQ^`\C^XnD TYtA\~}K;7K9Z,#H ERa(f2-'5UKh4V/m EOmU='0f_A3$.#{@ rSbXZ?Us{'q*m32a Tx:NE-YONdK$9@3M L)j)V/2z"=UZuiIP C3IU6jLwF&:^T5S; U59W{eA_2taFO3(q omk/PUIN6*!|QL9O Cdj:)na2HZSSY\1g M)8BzF4plL`&v'}6 ZstU$eB,VL0@SHFw aV@3WxYfU\h?`_H@ wBi,KSNibFzLdC4% Ej}a}}Lp&Q'#:Sg( T(o;`D),nF$vPDP^ R_T7dX?yr|\g*ElL rqKKvUx?lS@;jCgq reY4'/ZA`DX6FR74 PW}yVK2Lc{GI;c8g Hd`~BzkK)bc=_o#i kYi\/(7s7*}rQnl! dP_.#Ha!b8'&aFh3 mdl'Qf?:m8Esp6P4 yTW/'e4#X%{er#\{ LL?Pt~hH?T19AQr( qw{S@)m5!LiL)?hd YH8AS0y,C:J;Dkzt BkNbwI=?z.Sl,}X; kF1t:d2|y?%Lf%y/ px%SN4VZp"|LBUU^ rsMx\6~}C?nP#!PN WOU|.r`Z@*eM"__Q TrsO?ruTQeL37jMo C\gLXX}}OZJ=!/mb th/uizDZT;gq65;{ fSv;do,UH4PS(/?b ZSkR$.|OJr}_p"LT V,jYx8?'J_|B2ro@ oH"7I6VrsTwAw4)Z eRTH}Etk{B5H&vz0 O;vC~v?&!Y0#D#7f H?YA=t{gN2Vn&Kyd u\uwiP=`g0snl#x{ XNWHp|y2qL*qhWdd DP!X`gSD1A(g&r*e D=i\C%PF!iaJ79E@ z|!*/^!qB${lo(N6 aRLQ13Wu{8yb5T`W QtK$eT$1V|"zf;f5

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