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Passphrase Generator is a free tool to generate random passphrases. The random & secure passphrase password generator gives you options to define how many words to include in the random passphrases. You can also include special characters in the passphrase generator as separators.

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Password Phrase Generator

The random password phrase generator can help you generate string of words that are longer than a password. A random passphrase is difficult to crack because they are much longer. You can use the How Strong is My Password checker to check how secure your passphrase is.

What is a passphrase?

A passphrase is similar to a password to authenticate a user's identity to log in to his account. The difference between a passphrase and a password is that a passphrase uses words or sentences whereas a password consists of random characters, numbers, and special characters.

Passphrase vs. Password

Passphrase or password, which one should you use? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using passphrases over passwords?

Passphrase is more secure

The benefit of passphrases is that they can be more secure than a password because a passphrase is usually longer with options for spaces, symbols, and other characters. A hacker might use the brute force attack to attempt to guess a user's password, a lengthy passphrase will make the hacker's job much harder.

Passphrase is easier to remember

A passphrase may be easier to remember because you can use any combination of words from the directory and they don't have to be grammatically correct. You can use funny passphrases that only you can remember and are almost impossible to crack by hackers. You can also use passphrases that are memorable but don't make much sense like theSunAteTheChair. According to our password strength checker, theSunAteTheChair is a very secure passphrase.

How to create a strong passphrase?

There are things to avoid when creating a passphrase, you should never create a short passphrase or passphrase that contains quotes or is easily guessable words.

  1. Length - the passphrase should contain at least 4-5 words, each word should have a minimum of 4 characters.
  2. Randomness - the passphrase should have random words rather than words that are predictable. Avoid using names, addresses, birthdays, and phone numbers in your passphrase.
  3. Unique - the passphrase should have a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and special characters to enhance strength.

Last but not least, use the password strength checker to check how secure your passphrase is. The status of your passphrase should be "very secure" for maximum security.

Strong Passphrase Examples

Below is a list of 100 strong passphrase examples that you can review as a guideline on how to create strong and random passphrases. glutamate consisting ogmic concrewing ashake frippet bubbliest willowy jacquards commercial scalpels zoa annoyers bewasted idealless infrahuman headedness cleg addio ureic clamberers tangoists busky bloodlusts grimoires letter bug barometer picnicking hilloed shane gingerly headstocks butene musketoons atticus slump impots lavishing estranging brunting dankish outeat lessor presley teniasis wadebridge kata xviii crouts barndoor vitalized stomp remembers round enjambed gumshoed prolapse assafetida twangling gueridon ghibelline jeerer publicize unlogical nibbled kempis ingulfs oratorians bluntish auditorium mousey shopwalker divali stere maladapted sclaffs limos pathogenic financed gladioli boughten nims reworded intown cockhorse fumarole convulsive cerotype snoblings superceded tene biremes spawled apposed diplozoa titule mope racegoers gayest jocosity painter ordinar amoralism castrati erosion unstocking dentition carburised singulars talmudical person articled wheesh yuppiedom nil hostelry gabbros apteryxes depictured jacamar audios jacobinize descant cosying unrest hills shoulder federacies monomaniac evades peising caruncles pacts morbidness mellitic pingo pitchpines breathier nimbuses liquations trunnioned galabiya brawliest crusades locknuts gnat dispensate exactness subvassal mundi rabatte widecombe gneissitic riddles freyr thank exigences milking skindivers openly redraft kamalas climbers blither rosery fettling parasitism jungly upbearing rickeys absurdity scrabbler snathe wayzgooses morgen parasitoid ospreys homopteran chintz overfished aweless noddy manciple reedy diogenic bevin vellozia rattenings speculated ahuramazda kenilworth susurrated frostbound charmless dimbles overtopped includible banqueting episode alkalinize isiacal bonniest khyber habet whinchat skijoring abalone kodaly clanged sicklewort pules kipping phyton mbaqanga patrolmen crouper suberate limbed eclats yankees enfilade flatheads consistory attainder rued accusingly yolked cyclo formalised africanise lander bud irefulness agnes temperance footless unmantling simulacres microscope film execrated films quirinus mashings compose analyzer compactly zebrula lungfuls sugarbird kabeljous ego gambolled jamdani misgivings draftees hussar completory menhaden kismet thorntrees hallmarks understate pinky luckie discant pillories backfills skill inditing situtungas knavish relabels misgoverns scrummages offprint knotting periodate skydived plasmic kaolinite guipure easements ilchester trollop lycopodium matthews reconvict conjurings medley seesawed doocot whited fimbriate concourses squareness stanchable doubters uninhaled codger cupro arianizes endothelia grapnel irefulness preferred jotas isling antheses ammonium retakers sitz tomcats wormers fluoridize charitable simoniacal huss divulging rent thalia trull ischial gensdarmes refugia stolas brasserie rhythmises writerly octopush deoxidiser intitules bardolph echos biotite tempestive dickered wontedness tabaret harcourt inciters besting recolours gonadial burg manioc tempered novitiates evacuee pia hylotheist orison parching distorting crispated transudes smeared coronis dittos renegues santonin deadlock mike hebraizing mockadoes hylotheist spurn lauding curarizes kahn saucy cantlet imagine rawns stablemen pampero bestowers lulled atropia ecophobia pokeful lodestars freeware semitise ruffians unlikely nonracial outpatient toons turtlers incommode supply am stoics moonstones sporting luminarism idaean racqueting astroids knubs flamelets catenae affines infare commotions stocky careered kalmuck decocting keening neurite jailors precieuse auklet pluggings hone flunkeyism retirement plashed belga tuxedoes cum slovenian inviting bemoaning marcels fanfaronas veratrum shaitans petitioner pollex baklava hornists believing benchmarks fortilage expertises diriges retinae boxkeeper headlining egomania bosons minibike azote sufferably pegh nare tombless liftman accidents voiceband twiddlers shrift goblins accensions tweenies misstate spaciously fraena longan epos olympia malgre chuffier didactyls abettal concretist zapotec marvelling translate faldage suburb cornetists churlishly pissoir primulas caryatidic bounce cotquean pacing floated telephemes overact foreyard dams capturing millepeds awaited crista ottawa penfuls gaurs value trapanned denigrated unaltering pendulate

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