Htpasswd Generator

Htpasswd Generator is a tool to generate password for htpasswd files. Htpasswd password generator will generate a password that works for both Linux and Windows.

Htpasswd Password Generator

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Htpasswd Password Generator

The htpasswd password generator create a password for your htpasswd files based on an username and password.

htpasswd is a user management system that creates, manages, and stores the username and passwords to authenticate HTTP users. It determines whether or not a user has access to specific directories and files. Webmasters who want to restrict access and password-protect some directories use htpasswd to create a username and password so that only authorized visitors can access the folder and the files within that folder. There are a few ways that htpasswd uses to encrypt passwords, such as MD5 hashing or SHA1. The passwords generated from the htpasswd generator work on both Linux and Windows.

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