Kids Password Generator

Kids Password Generator is a free tool to generate random simple passwords for kids. The simple password generator is perfect for kids who want to generate passwords to protect their games and apps.

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Simple Password Generator

The easy password generator for kids is intended for kids to generate passwords for their iPads and tablet or other needs. For those who need to generate really strong passwords to protect their online banking, please use the strong password generator.

Kid Password Generator FAQs

Is the password generator safe for kids?

The password generator for kids is safe to use as we only use words that are not offensive to kids. If you find any word that you think is not proper for a kid, please contact us and will look into it.

What is the simple password generator?

The simple password generator will generate simple passwords that are easy to remember for kids.

What is the strong password generator?

The strong password generator will generate stronger passwords that are more secure as they contain special symbols.

Can adults use this easy password generator?

It depends on what kind of account you are looking to generate a password for. If it is just for retail registration to get a free coupon or something, then you may use this password generator. However, if you need to generate a password for important accounts such as online banking, it is highly recommended that you use the secure password generator.

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